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Virtual Mannequin

Say ‘Hi’ to our Virtual Mannequin and she replies back. Our Virtual Mannequin is an ideal interactive solution that can provide virtual assistance and information about your product/service to the audience. This crowd puller operates in a continuous loop without break time and can keep audience engaged with its interactive nature. Our mannequins are multi-lingual and would suit to different business across boundaries.

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Photo Booth

Our photo booth enables the user to take a picture allowing their interactivity to create a memorable experience. The photo booth can be customized with options which can either bestow the printed copy of the photograph with branding or the user can share their photos in social media.

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Directional Sound

Direct your messages right on target and create a unique experience to delight your audience. With our directional speakers, you can direct messages, narrations, sound effect or music to a particular audience which can be heard only by him/her. With the element of surprise, the Directional Sound can engage audience through a unique experiential marketing campaign which can help marketers to create a precise product placement in the minds of the audience.

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3D Holobox

A fully integrated 3D projection platform that can display 3D animated objects floating in the air with stunning graphics and visual effects. This distinctive effect of objects hanging in the air makes the content well remembered by the audience. This tech amazes you with its stunning features, exquisite product display, plug and play setup, remote update and customized colour options.

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Virtual Wardrobe

A simple gesture can change your looks. Our Virtual Wardrobe allows the user to interact with a gesture controlled screen to select and match virtual outfits they might be interested in buying. The audience can select different colours, styles, clothing categories, collection types, brand, sizing, price and any other important information you might want to convey to them. Most importantly a shopper can drive their own experience, giving them a reason to shop in store with you. Say goodbye to long queues at the trial room!

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From the day of our inception, Events and Managing brand requirements has been our strength. By leveraging media through the physical and digital space, we bring you over 25 years of experience in events, marketing and its peripherals. As a single window solution provider, Crossworks has the expertise to deliver the maximum, in spite of the fluctuations in market, technology and trends.

- Product launches

- Theme parties

- Commercial/ Club events and Annual days

- Trade Shows Seminars and conferences

Be it ideas, brands or launches- Creativity for us is not just a job, it is our passion. What we do bring in, is the power of ideation which is exclusive, powerful and designed to create an impact.

Creative Strategy & Production
3D Animation & VFX
3-D Stall Design & Implementation
Corporate AVs

When it comes to Digital Solutions, we have an unparalleled domain expertise with our clutter breaking formulae. We have been using Digital Solutions for over two and our Digital and Integrated Marketing Service that we offer brings the accurate upshot for a company and its products.


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